"we work so that you can play"

- Musicians Repair Service
We work so you can play
"Pete and Jack"
- Musicians Repair Service
Technicians and Owners
"My dog ate my instrument"
- Brass, Woodwind, Strings, and Percussion
Complete Repair Facility
"Complete Overhauls"
- Repads, Relacquering, Replating
No project is too big!
"Special Projects"
- Custom Finishes, Fabrication, Hand Crafted Instruments, Art Made From Instruments
We make your ideas reality!
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M.R.S. Musicians Repair Service
"We sork so that you can play"
We specialize in instrument repairs, everything from simple adjustments to complete make like new overhauls, fabrication and instrument design (custom stands, carts, artwork, flight cases, quarter tone instruments, etc.). We also sell all types of used student, professional and vintage instruments,


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